Auto dealers know and understand just how critical Google reviews are for their dealerships. They can influence customers’ decisions, boost online visibility, and increase credibility and trustworthiness. When your dealership’s Google reviews mysteriously disappear, it can be alarming. Dealer Authority is here to help you unravel this mystery and provide actionable insights to tackle this issue.

Common Reasons Why Google Reviews Disappear

Google has a strict policy on what kind of reviews are allowed on its platform. It aims to provide users and businesses with relevant, helpful, and trustworthy information. Therefore, it may remove reviews that violate its policies or standards for various reasons. Here are the most common reasons Google may remove reviews:

1. Review Spam

Google removes reviews that violate its policies on spam and fake content, off-topic content, restricted content, illegal content, sexually explicit content, offensive content, and harmful and derogatory content.
For example:

    • Reviews that are posted by bots or paid reviewers
    • Reviews that are copied from other sources or repeated by multiple accounts
    • Reviews that include promotional offers or links to restricted goods and services
    • Reviews that contain illegal or harmful activities or content
    • Reviews that use profanity or hate speech

Google uses advanced algorithms to detect and remove fake or spammy reviews. Unfortunately, legitimate reviews can sometimes be mistaken as spam and removed. Google’s algorithm looks for things that might indicate counterfeit reviews:

    • Reviews that appear to be copied and pasted
    • Reviews are written with too perfect grammar, syntax, and capitalization
    • Saying the name of the dealership too many times in the review

Google likes to see honest reviews that are written in natural language. Anything that sticks out could be flagged as spam and removed.

2. Profile Reinstatement

Google may remove reviews from a business profile after being disabled or suspended and then reinstated. This could happen if your profile was reported for violating Google’s guidelines or terms of service.
For example:

    • Your profile contains inaccurate or misleading information
    • Your profile impersonates another business or entity
    • Your profile engages in fraudulent or illegal practices

3. Future Opening Date

Google may remove reviews left before a business opens to the public, and this ensures that the reviews reflect genuine customer experiences, not expectations or assumptions.
For example:

    • Your profile has a future opening date set in advance
    • Your profile receives reviews before the actual opening date

4. Review Delay

Google may take longer to display reviews on specific platforms due to profile merging or outdated devices. This could cause temporary inconsistency in your review count or rating across different devices or applications.
For example:

    • Your profile was merged with another one due to duplicate listings
    • Your customers use older mobile devices or operating systems

5. Deleted by the Reviewer

Sometimes, reviewers may remove their reviews voluntarily due to personal reasons or if they change their minds. A reviewer’s Google account could be suspended or deleted in other cases, removing all associated reviews.

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