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Our competitors claim that they build custom content for all of their clients but when you dig deeper, you find syndicated content, that is identical to other dealers using the same provider.

Dealer Authority is different.

Not only do we build custom content for all of our dealers, but we took our SEO services a step further, offering exclusivity in our clients’ local markets. Doing this allows us to focus our keyword strategy specifically on our clients’ locations, giving them the maximum opportunities to be top ranking.


Dealer Authority’s expert SEO team never buys into the philosophy of “set it and forget it”. If we are building pages for your dealership, then we are constantly checking the ranking of those pages, that all links and videos are still active, and if any improvements can be made. There are specific search queries that are being used when a consumer is shopping for a car and those queries still apply to your dealership’s pages, whether that content was built last week or last year.



Link building is an essential part of the search engine optimization process and plays a significant role in how Google ranks your website. Links are signals to Google that your site is worthy of citation due to it being a quality resource, and even more importantly, your customers will know you are a trusted resource by the authoritativeness of your content. Our Digital Strategists will make sure that the links on your website only increase your dealership’s domain authority and provide your dealership with month-over-month increased KPIs.

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