In the very beginning of our journey, we knew one thing for certain. We wanted to offer automotive SEO solutions that were exclusive to a market. It’s not that you can’t do SEO for more than one dealership with the same brand in the same metro area, but it doesn’t make sense to have more than one “master” shooting for the same exact keywords.

It’s for this reason that we started offering exclusivity to our SEO clients. We know that it limits our market exposure, but that’s okay. We aren’t trying to get huge. We simply want to help a dealership in a market get the best rankings possible. To try to do that for more than one website brings up challenges.

Groups often find this to be a challenge and we have a solution for those times when a single client has multiple dealerships with the same cars in one city. There’s a way to dominate and share and we find nothing wrong with that as long as the group as a whole is getting the benefit. When two different companies want the same thing, we can only deliver it to one or the other.

Aggressive dealers that want the top automotive SEO service in the industry that is dedicated to making one website per manufacturer per metro area the best optimized around need to contact us as soon as possible. We are locking down metros left and right as more clients sign up for our month-to-month program. Don’t be that aggressive dealer that gets locked out simply because you weren’t quick enough. Your competitors will thank you for it if you do.

Your exclusive table is waiting. Are you hungry for the best?