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Dealer Authority launches new automotive-based dating app, fender®

By Christine Plunkett
April 1, 2018

Winston-Salem, NC – Dealer Authority, a boutique digital marketing agency is excited to unveil their newest digital offering – fender®.

fender® is a location-based social search mobile app that allows users to like or dislike other users based solely on what type of vehicle they drive.

When searching for a soulmate it is imperative that you find someone who’s values align with yours. Far more important than personality, attractiveness, kindness, or sense of humor is the key identifying factor of what type of person you are – the vehicle you drive.

This is the first dating app to cut right to the chase for singles hoping to snag a lifelong partner. fender® only matches you with individuals who drive your dream car so you never again have to experience the disappointment of developing romantic feelings for someone only to later learn they drive a hoopty, or worse, a smartcar.

Instead of browsing pictures of faces and reading contrived bio blurbs, with fender®’s custom filters you are in the driver’s seat. Simply select the Make and Model vehicle in which you want to ride shotgun. fender® delivers a list of candidates who live near you and drive your dream car. When you identify the perfect car, let them know you are interested in a date by “honking” at them. If they honk back, you may begin direct communication and your love story will begin.

More About Dealer Authority

Dealer Authority is comprised of digital marketing experts boasting an average of 11 years automotive experience. They specialize in Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click advertising, and Social Media marketing with a strong emphasis on Facebook and Instagram advertising for car dealers. To learn more contact Dealer Authority at (888) 963-9617 or online at

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