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A culture of gratitude

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DA Gives Back


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Dealer Authority offers a full paid day off per quarter, so that our team can volunteer at local non-profit organizations in their area. The hours that are worked for the organizations are then credited back to each non-profit at the end of the calendar year.

Being that Dealer Authority is 100% remote company, CEO, Tyson Madliger knew that he wanted to create a company culture that was not only internally inclusive but externally as well.

“What’s so great about working for Dealer Authority is the fact that you can wake up and get right to work. But I knew it would be important to make sure that we are looking beyond our computer screens and be active participants in the places we live. Our staff live and work all over of the U.S. DA is unique in that we have the opportunity to give back to communities all over the nation.”  

Tyson Madliger

CEO, Dealer Authority

Director of Digital Services, Jessica Robertson, from Nashville, Tennessee, dropped off over 120 pounds of dog food to the Humane Society of Dickson County.


DA is different

Dealer Authority does not have a list of organizations that staff must choose from to volunteer. The choice is completely up to the team member!

Take Content Strategist, Mike Holland for example. Mike hails from Dayton, Ohio, and is an SEO content machine by day and a community advocate by night. His passion for his community and family connection to the Greater Dayton YMCA keeps him regularly volunteering with the organization. Whether he is aiding in tornado relief efforts or assisting with youth activities, Mike is always eager to lend a helping hand!

There aren’t any limitations on what you can do in your local community and the DA team is highly encouraged to utilize these days of service each quarter.


No project is too great

Account Manager, Jillian Ambrose has been working with her local church, Reisterstown United Methodist Church in Reisterstown, Maryland, to create a community coffee shop for their local youth.

Jill has been actively working on this project for months and soon the coffee shop will be ready to open to the public. The coffee shop with not only warm the tummies of locals but also their souls. The shop will be a safe place for teens from all walks of life to come and be just as they are – no questions asked.

A culture of inclusion

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