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Q&A with Dealer Authority’s Dealer Advocate, Jill Ambrose

It’s the beginning of a new year, and car dealers are sitting down and reassessing their goals. What did we do right last year? What can we improve? We know that digital marketing is a constant question for dealerships, and these questions come up even more often when the dealership’s monthly goals are not being met and exceeded. What are we missing from our marketing message, and why aren’t our Facebook and Google ads converting? Why can’t we rank higher on Google? Once those questions arise, the first place to look is the delivery and implementation of the dealership’s digital marketing to its target customer.

Reject the notion of “proprietary”

Over the years, we have heard from new clients that other automotive digital marketing agencies don’t give the dealer and their staff an inside look at where their monthly budget is going. These data points are deemed “proprietary” by our competitors. Not sharing a dealer’s marketing performance with the dealer is something that genuinely baffles the DA staff. How can a dealer trust what he or she is making a monthly investment in when they can’t be looped in on the performance of that investment? That answer is simple – they can’t. That is where Dealer Authority truly shines.
We don’t like to use any “proprietary” analytics software that tends to skew information in favor of the vendor, warping what is actually happening. Jill Ambrose

Always ask more questions

Dealer Authority clients are encouraged to ask questions and be curious about the performance of their SEO, Social Media, and Google Ads. We pride ourselves on having a high level of transparency with our clients. Yes, we know, transparency is the buzzword to kill all buzzwords, but at the end of the day, that’s precisely what it is – if our dealer has a question, we have actionable answers. Our point-woman for these actionable answers is Jill Ambrose. Jill is our Dealer Advocate (aka Account Manager) and has been a valued member of the DA staff for over three years now. Her passion for digging into a dealership’s analytics and her drive to find new tools that help our team and our clients are what makes Jill a DA necessity. Not only has she been rocking the digital marketing industry with her deep data dives, but she has also worked for multiple dealerships before joining the Dealer Authority team. She understands the needs of our clients better than most because she has ample real-world automotive experience and doesn’t feed our clients the “warm and fuzzies” to make them feel good – she shares with them the facts, plain and simple. We think that’s how digital marketing should be – custom content and implementation with hard numbers to qualify performance.
Jill Ambrose Dealer Advocate

Everyone –

meet Jill.

We took a moment to sit down with Jill and chat about the Dealer Authority customer experience. Q: How we engage and share information with our clients is an essential part of how Dealer Authority does business. We know that some of our competitors are not keen on giving their clients a behind-the-scenes look at how they came to the results (or lack thereof) they are reporting on. How does Dealer Authority keep a high level of transparency with our clients? I think a huge thing that we do differently is explaining the “why” behind certain strategies that we highlight in our reporting for clients and we dig deeper than just the surface level to uncover what is really happening within the dealership’s metrics. I used to work at a dealership, and there were quite a few times that my digital reps from various providers would go over recent digital marketing stats and would point out things without context on why it is performing well or poorly. That wasn’t very helpful. An example of this would be a vendor just simply saying “Oh, your Facebook campaigns got X clicks, which is great,” but as a dealer, I also need to know how the traffic from Facebook is performing on my website. Great, cool… I got a bazillion clicks on my Facebook Ads, but it doesn’t matter if it is all bot traffic that is bouncing within 3 seconds of landing on the site. Also, we don’t like to use any “proprietary” analytics software that tends to skew information in favor of the vendor, warping what is actually happening. The data that we present to clients in our reporting tools are directly pulled from Google Analytics, Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, etc. Because we have multiple data sources, we always cross-reference results to make sure that all of our offerings have multiple ways that results can be reviewed to show any underlying patterns or areas of concern. Q: What are some of the tools we use to share results with our clients? Are there any tools that our clients have access to? We use a few different things, but mainly we use tools available and used by agencies all over the world. Our primary reporting tool is called Swydo, and it has the ability to pull all of the data from Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook, Instagram, Bing Ads, Google My Business, etc. all into a nice, uniform report. It has a variety of widgets we can use to display important data, and it allows us to add notes and screenshots of things we can’t import into the report via API. We generally export PDFs every month and review them with clients. We also use a really cool tool called Agency Analytics that helps our SEO team keep track of Google Ranking changes for the keywords that our team is focusing on for clients. AA also has sections where you can integrate Facebook, Google Analytics, Google Ads, etc. so that you can create dashboards and reports. It is nice to be able to create a “birds-eye” level dashboards that we can give clients access to so that they can see how things are running during the month between our typical reporting calls. We also utilize free tools for certain functions, such as Google Data Studio and the Facebook Attribution Tool. Q: Many of our clients talk about the Dealer Authority team like they are a part of their internal staff at the dealership – why do you think that is? I think it is because it is a major focus in our company culture in regards to how we want to work with our clients… We don’t want to simply be just a “vendor,” we want to be a “partner.”  Our team really goes above and beyond to put themselves “inside the dealership” in a figurative sense. We try to learn about your community, your dealership processes, your team, and your goals as much as possible so that we can best serve your dealership, because at the end of the day, what excites us the most is the success of our clients. Q: How does Dealer Authority test out new products and solutions? Testing out our new products and solutions is truly a collaborative effort. Dealer Authority as a whole prides itself on being an open forum when it comes to coming up with new and innovative solutions. Everyone at DA is encouraged to share ideas and collaborate not only within their team but company-wide. Also, our team is so nimble that whenever there is some type of new strategy or platform that we come across, we can typically start testing almost immediately to see if it is viable. We typically try a few A/B tests and then work with clients who don’t mind being a “guinea pig,” to try out what we have discovered during the testing phase. Q: What makes the Dealer Authority client experience so unique in the automotive industry? In an age where computer automation seems to be taking over everything, even important communication avenues, we try to take a different approach. When you work with us, you have the direct cell phone number and email address of each person on your dealership’s team at Dealer Authority. We don’t have convoluted “ticket” systems for requests, and when you call us we almost always pick up (unless we are on a call with another client.) This really helps us respond quickly, and allows us to be reached in whatever way is the most natural for our clients. For example, we have some clients who send requests to our strategists via text message— Our main focus is to make working with us as easy as possible so that you can focus on selling cars! We also have a deep sense that our work with our clients is MUCH bigger than just simply creating a Facebook Ad or building a Landing Page— We help your staff reach their goals so that they can provide for their families, help your dealership connect and support the local community, and we help people all over the country get behind the wheel of safe, reliable vehicles so that they can get to work, school, and beyond!    

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