The important word in the title of this article is “current”. Social media is changing on a regular basis. This webinar was done on March 12, 2014, so there’s always a chance that by the end of the day some of the information could be obsolete.

That’s social media. That’s why we love it. It’s why we’re able to stay ahead. Being nimble gives us the ability to help our dealer clients in ways that larger companies simple cannot do.

It’s an hour-long webinar, but it’s an important one worth hearing. There are so many misconceptions currently being perpetuated in the automotive social media world that it has become necessary to stay in a constant state of education. In other words, we always have to remain on top of everything and we need to spread this information to as many dealers as possible.

In the webinar, hosted by my former company, we get to take a look at those things that should stick in the digital marketing world. By “should”, I mean that they are currently effective and it can be assumed that they will remain effective for a long time to come, but in this arena, changes are happening all the time. Even these truths which are “absolute” in our opinion can change without warning. Staying ahead of those changes and reacting appropriately when necessary is a key to our success as well as the success of our clients.

Here’s the webinar. Enjoy!