Content isn’t King – it is crucial

Custom content drives leads on your dealership’s website.

It’s time to shift the conversation about SEO in the Automotive Industry.

Creating quality search engine rankings for car dealers doesn’t come from a plug-in-play strategy. It comes from hand-crafting landing pages, automotive content, and continual analyzation of what shoppers are actually searching for your dealership’s market. By having strategists on your side that know the automotive industry, understand your dealership’s monthly goals, and can analyze this data, your dealership will see an organic and positive lift in your dealership’s ranking.

Settling for content generated solely by the OEM will help promote your brand, but will never help you stand out among your competitors. Dealerships need unique content in order to be recognized by search engines like Google and Bing.

Rome wasn’t built in a day – but it was built by experts

Dealer Authority is unique in the digital marketing realm for the automotive industry in that we never syndicate content for our SEO or social solution. Every piece of content that is created by our expert digital marketing team is explicitly developed with your dealership in mind. Whether we are highlighting the amazing features of your latest inventory or promoting an upcoming sales event, you have a 100% guarantee that the content created for your dealership will never be found on another client’s website. 

SEO is an investment and takes time and attention to detail to create results – they are never instantaneous. Any company or agency that tells you that they can guarantee ranking results in a precise amount of time is selling you the dreaded “snake oil.” We will never make promises that we cannot keep, but we will always be transparent with you and your staff, so that you are always aware of results, ranking changes, and areas for improvement. This is a team effort – and you and your staff are a crucial part of that team.

How do we measure success?


Search Engine Optimization


Pay-Per-Click Advertising


Social Media Marketing


100% Custom, Never Cookie Cutter

Everything we do here at Dealer Authority is 100% custom to your business. Every word written, every ad created, and every page built is done by our team, for your business. We never use artificial intelligence to deliver your content because we believe that the human touch is still superior as our egos give us the competitive edge you are looking for.

We have a vested interest in the success of your dealership.