Generating quality interactive content on your dealership’s Facebook business page requires more than simply asking a question. The goal of interactive content is to be entertaining, thought-provoking, and allow the viewers to share their opinions.  Interesting questions result in greater response rates but you must tread lightly as “interesting” is a very subjective term.

Why Isn’t Anyone Engaging with my Post?

Let’s back up a step.  Before you fire off your Jack-Handy-worthy request for insights you must be certain you are reaching Facebook users who would most likely care to engage with you. There is no fail as unflattering as the lingering unanswered question on a deserted business page.  You can almost see the tumbleweed blow by as the admin desperately waits for a response, any response.  How does this happen?  Simple.  Either the page has not activated Post Engagement ad spend to promote the post, so no one has even seen it, or the question is irrelevant, uninteresting, or potentially requires more time and energy to answer than the average user is willing to expend on a “play time” platform like Facebook.

Topics that get People Buzzing

Content is key. People love talking about themselves, seriously, it’s not even generational anymore, we’re all narcissists to some degree. Thanks for the therapy bills, Zuckerberg. So, ask them about – you got it – themselves. For dealers, the easy application of this strategy includes asking for pictures of their current car.  What was the first car they ever owned?  Do they have any cool modifications to their ride?  What’s the best road trip they’ve ever been on?   When you are not directly asking about the individual it is still a best practice to ask them to share an opinion on the topic at hand.  Questions that are easily answered with a quick comment or a photo are typically winners (when you are reaching the correct audience).

Here’s an example of a well-constructed interactive post from a Mopar page:

“The battle continues for 2017’s top muscle car. Like if you prefer the powerful Dodge Charger or Love if you dream of driving the iconic Dodge Challenger. Want to voice your opinions on both? Drop a comment below. May the best #Mopar win!”

Easy to Create Interactive Post Styles

Creating interactive content like this is simple, fun, and gets engagement when properly executed. Below is a quick list of proven interactive post styles that Dealer Authority incorporates in our posting methods.

  • Questions on high-engagement pages
  • 360-degree videos for the customer to interact with
  • Quizzes (asking a question with only one specific answer)
  • Word searches in video form.
  • “Where’s Waldo” style post with a hidden image in the post
  • Carousel posts for the customer to slide though

Get Creative and Test New Things

Never be afraid to test new post styles.  Facebook is always creating new ways to interact with your followers that are fun, interesting, and (best of all) that convert.  Not every dealership has the time or resources to employ an in-house social media strategist and why would you when Dealer Authority is standing by with a team of Social wizards at the ready to take it off your plate.  Call to set up a consultation this week and let’s get your audience engaged with your dealership.