I’m ashamed to admit that I didn’t see this video until just now. It’s old. Hundreds of thousands have seen it and its different variations on YouTube. Millions have probably seen it on television. I’m just seeing it now. Thankfully, it’s that impressive that even after all this time it should be revisited for its sheer perfection from a luxury automotive marketing standpoint.

Actor Benedict Cumberbatch was the right choice for the video, and while his presence and the accompanying background music set the tone appropriately for the vehicle in question (more on that shortly), it’s the subtleties of the video that make it stand out. The Jaguar highlighted in the ad is never seen in its full form, something that many manufacturers have adopted as an advertising strategy with mixed results. Jaguar makes it work beautifully.

The real kicker that makes this video stand out is the fact that it’s a high-performance vehicle that does nothing to promote the fact that it’s a high-performance vehicle other than by the quiet comments of the narrator. It is all about classiness, a lifestyle decision, and that’s precisely why this advertisement sings. Rather than highlight speed and agility with hairpin turns on a mountain road or drifting in a desert with sand flying everywhere, it’s all about enjoying the finer things in this life. That’s the message. It’s about being alive and it portrays it beautifully.

Here’s the video. If you’re like many who have already seen it, watch it again and appreciate the nuance.