Part of my job here at Dealer Authority is innovating our social media product – which means continuously seeking ways to improve our product through research and development. A good percentage of my R&D time is spent reading articles and then going back to Facebook to see how dealerships are utilizing the platform within the industry. 99% of what CAN be done by dealerships on Facebook is not being done – or not being done correctly. Below I’ve outlined 3 of the most common mistakes I see dealerships make on an almost daily basis. 

1. Utilizing the “boost” button.

If you are using the boost button as a means of advertising – you’re literally throwing money down the drain. When Facebook became a “pay to play” social media network back in back in May of 2012 – advertisers honed in on spending time, effort, and above all, money to reach their audience. The boost button is nothing more than a “show this post to a ton of random people” button. There are so many more effective ways to reach your target audience. 

Working with a digital marketing agency that utilizes third-party data is an excellent way to turn your Facebook Ad campaigns into highly targeted ads instead of opting for the boost button. Third-party data allows businesses to target audiences that include: credit score, make and model, lifestyles, and even buyer profiles like “New Parents” and “Outdoor Enthusiasts” to name a few.

2. Lack of consistency.

I have visited hundreds of Facebook accounts over the years, and I’ve seen pages that started with strong, unique, custom, and engaging content that attracts customers – but then transitioning to syndicated content from OEMs that potentially thousands of other dealerships were also using at the same time. How does that differentiate your dealership within your market? It doesn’t. Stay consistent with your messaging; stay relevant, and above all, keep your content unique.

 3. Incorrect Ad Placement.

Facebook has several different ad placement options in Ads Manager. Take some time to familiarize yourself with each placement and determine which is the best fit for your goals and your dealership as a whole. A simple example of incorrect ad placement is when you see a shortened link in the caption of an Instagram post, and you’re unable to click it or interact with it at all. My best advice for ad placement is to go against the grain of Facebook’s Best Practices and de-select the audience network and desktop traffic. 80%+ of all Facebook traffic is from mobile – so get rid of the bots and the desktops to maximize your ad budget. Simple, right? 

Here at Dealer Authority, your goals are our goals. We strive to assist you in selling as many cars each month as possible through our innovative marketing techniques and engaging content. Stop blending in; it’s time to stand out!