Automotive SEO

We have watched the “mobile” train barrel down on marketers for several years. Automotive SEO providers and website developers with their foot stuck in the rails, optimizing for desktop as web users stage a mass exodus to phones and tablets.  The transition has forced content creators and web designers to reconsider how mobile customers shop and what that experience should be. If you review your data you will see that mobile accounts for 3/4 of your web traffic. So why are you not taking the time to design your content for mobile?

According to Google, 61% of users are unlikely to return to a mobile site they had trouble accessing and 40% visit a competitor’s site instead.  (Source:

Don’t allow unkempt content to be a contributing factor to this statistic. Creating a mobile-friendly page goes beyond having responsive videos and image. And if your site isn’t responsive yet, ask yourself why a technology made available in 2012 isn’t an option for you.

Automotive SEO for Car Dealers Mobile Websites

ALL your pages should be built for the mobile user FIRST! End of story. Mobile users are impatient, and if they have to scroll and dig to find what they are looking for, they’re out. Your content should be organized in an easy-to-navigate format. The way of online shopping is that you should do the legwork, not your consumer. 

There are several ways to design your pages to help users navigate to the portions of content that are most important to them at the time. If your site has the ability to create anchors into the page this is the best way I have found to help direct customers to content. Creating a table of contents and linking each to the anchor within the text zips the shopper to the portion of content that speaks to this point. Click here to see how Anchors work.

HTML headings for Car Dealers Automotive SEO

if you can’t use anchors, an alternative is using HTML headings. Always use the H1 as your page title ex <h1>What is the best electric car?<h1>. Examples of sub headings would be the supporting point or topics you cover in the content. One might be Electric vs. Hybrid, Electric car range, Reliability and so on. Bolding and highlighting will make it easier for mobile users to identify.

Break out text for Automotive SEO

When you have an important point or want to make sure the readers see an important point, break out the text. Add a little color and differentiate the font. Finding important information shouldn’t be a game of Where’s Waldo. As a rule, I always design the content layout before adding in any calls to action. This allows me to evaluate the content and choose the most appropriate place to add a call to action that makes sense for the customer experience.

Get Started Today with Mobile Automotive SEO

Jumping on the mobile train will yield tremendous results for your website and even more for your business.  Many consumers will click through to a website but will leave the moment they realize that the mobile site is too much to deal with.  If your bounce rate is killing your web traffic, it means you need to make a change and it starts today.  Use the tips above to take charge and transform your site into a mobile portal that will drive business right to your dealership, not away from it.

Using an Anchor can help your viewers get the information they need quickly. Many successful non-auto sites are using them today.

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