Dealers who are ready to utilize aggressive, proven strategies for selling cars through social media are looking for Dealer Authority. Our hands-on style of building a true partnership with our clients combines nicely with the cutting-edge techniques that have made our company grow tremendously since our formation in November, 2013.

Here are four differentiators that separate us from all of our competitors in the automotive industry:

Personalized Posts

When we post to your social media pages and profiles, you will know that the posts were built for you and you alone. We do not bulk-post across multiple dealers nor do we recycle posts. It’s all fresh. It’s all yours.

Advanced Advertising Strategies

We utilize dozens of individual factors separately, making your ads hyper-targeted. People within driving distance to your dealership who intend to buy a new car of your brand in the next 60 days – we send them directly to your inventory. Service customers from your DMS – we send them to your service specials. We utilize several proven ad strategies and we’re always testing new ones to find the next great traffic-driver.

Constant Communication

When you partner with a nimble company such as Dealer Authority, you expect more than just a monthly meeting to go over reports. We are ever-available; we talk to many of our clients 4 or 5 times per week. If there’s one thing that we utilize more than vendor in the automotive industry, it’s the phone.

Integration with Dealership Staff

We do exactly what we need to do to support the dealership. Some of our clients have us completely manage every aspect of their online presence while they focus on selling more cars. Others work with us constantly and have us fill the gaps that make their jobs easier. Our goal is to turn the dealership and its personnel into rock stars.

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