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PPC for Car Dealers

At the heart of any effective pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaign is a sound strategy that includes highly relevant keywords, unique ad copy, properly targeted audiences, and landing pages with high-quality content. Your dealership can reap the benefits and drive massive traffic to its business by optimizing your PPC strategy.

What is PPC?

PPC utilizes Google AdWords to make relevant, timely ads for your dealership. Google AdWords is an advertising system that allows dealerships to bid on certain keywords so that their ads will only populate for interested customers.

Adwords provides car dealerships with many options to choose from when creating and running PPC campaigns.

For example, a Toyota dealership does not want to show up for Honda vehicles; they want their ads to populate on Google for shoppers that are looking for Toyota cars specifically. A PPC expert will be able to modify your keywords to ensure that your dealership’s Google ads show up for the products appropriate for your business.

There are many different types of PPC campaigns you can put together, from branded to retargeting to dynamic. Each one can be tailored directly toward your target market.

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Search Engine Optimization

What Can PPC Do For You?

Word of mouth is not enough to thrive in the automotive industry anymore. Your brick and mortar location needs to thrive online because more and more, people are turning to the internet to shop.  According to Netpop Research, 90% of car buyers use Google to research and find the models they want. Shoppers take much less time to decide on a purchase than in the past, and on average make only two visits to the dealership before purchasing a vehicle.

To understand the importance of PPC better and build a campaign around it, it is imperative to know how shoppers shop. The questions they ask when they are shopping for a car, whether online or in person, are:

  • Which vehicle is best? (In terms of safety, performance, etc.)
  • Which vehicle is right for me?
  • How much does it cost? And can I afford it?
  • Where should I buy it?
  • What deal am I getting on it?

With this information, you can build PPC campaigns that target shoppers at every step of their decision-making process.


Car dealer PPC also works hand-in-hand with search engine optimization (SEO) to give you the most effective results. You may already know that automotive SEO is another essential tool to use in targeting the right shoppers.

SEO works by highlighting appropriate keywords on your site, making it easier for search engines like Google to find and rank your pages. This, in turn, helps drive more organic traffic to your site.

SEO, however, is a longer process than PPC—where SEO may take a few months to see a leap in rankings with targeted keywords, with PPC, you can bid on keywords and have them immediately placed in your ads. Thus, you can reach your targeted audience much faster.

Why Relevancy Matters in PPC

With car dealer PPC, one of the most important factors that can determine success is relevancy. Search engines often reward relevancy by driving down cost-per-click, which allows you to stretch your budget further.  So, how can your car dealership be relevant in your PPC campaigns?

First, make sure that the inventory on your website matches the vehicles that you have on the lot. You can’t sell cars that you don’t have!

Second, include those vehicles in your keywords and filter them into ad groups by model. You want someone who is looking for a truck to see an ad for tucks, not a car or a van.

Third, you’ll want to coordinate each ad to a specific inventory or landing page. So, the ad about a truck would take searchers to an inventory page that only shows trucks.

If your keywords, ads, and landing page all have the same focus, you’re providing the consumer with exactly what they’re looking for, which increases your chances of them purchasing a new car at your dealership.

Launch Your Car Dealer PPC Campaign Today

PPC really is the cherry on top to help you drive real, tangible results to your dealership. With the right campaign, your auto dealership will have a massive increase in both online and in-store traffic. If you have been thinking about implementing a PPC campaign in your dealership’s digital marketing strategy, Dealer Authority can help. Our hands-on PPC team will assess your market, find the target keywords that are going to give you the best results, and send more qualified leads to your dealership for increased sales.
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