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Dealer Authority’s expert digital marketing team is well-versed in the automotive industry. We have been serving our dealer clients for over six years, with custom car dealer online marketing that includes social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising, and search engine optimization.

Stop wasting your marketing budget on car dealer online marketing that looks just like your competitor’s. How many times have we seen the same advertising creative show up in our Facebook Timelines and Instagram Feeds? Too many. How can you stand out among your competitors when you are relying on a digital marketing vendor that doesn’t have the time to invest in your branding as a dealership? You can’t. Our promise to you is that you will never see duplicated creative on your dealership’s timeline – everything is custom made for you!

Our digital marketing strategies are always customized to our dealers and never, ever syndicated.


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Are you looking for an all-inclusive online marketing experience?

Cohesion is an essential part of our company structure. With the help of our Dealer Advocate, Jillian Ambrose, and our Director of Digital Services, Jessica Robertson, our SEO, and Social Media teams can easily communicate with each other. Connecting these two departments ensures that all of your digital marketing efforts and campaigns are supporting each other.

Don’t leave your customer confused. Make sure that when they click on your ad on Facebook, that the information that got them there is reinforced on your website’s landing pages.



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Take a peek behind the digital curtain with us.

Our job as digital marketing experts is not only to build our clients custom digital marketing campaigns that convert but also to help educate our dealers.

We don’t have a “secret sauce” that our clients do not have access too. Are you curious about how our SEO efforts are working? Great. We will give you access to Agency Analytics that helps us track your keywords and SEO improvements. Would you like to see what scheduled posts are coming up for your Facebook Timeline? Just ask.

Our job is to make sure that our clients are well-informed about all of the digital marketing efforts are being made at their behalf. 


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