Considering Vinyl Wrapping a Vehicle?

There are new paint jobs, and then there is Vinyl Wrapping. Vinyl Wrapping, or just wrapping for short, is basically putting a large sticker all over the painted surfaces of a car. These large vinyl sheets can be printed with almost anything making the design possibilities endless.

You can have a custom-made color that is one of a kind. You can have a car that looks like it’s made of solid gold that shines so bright you can see your reflection. Other designs can be achieved by using multiple layers and colors.

A perfect example of it is this Chrome Scion FR-S. Even the image doesn’t do its beauty justice.

But why on earth would someone put a plastic-y sticker all over their expensive car? For a TON of reasons, That’s why.

Pros of Vinyl Wrapping Your Car

First off, Vinyl wrapping isn’t just some cheap plastic. It’s well-made, pretty thick, and very durable. Done right, it can look even better than a paint job worth $20,000.

Secondly, it not only looks great, but it also protects your car too. Putting this wrapping over your paint will protect it from bugs, the sun, and other things that can damage your car.

Lastly, its low maintenance and relatively low commitment. No more waxing, no more paint care and if you don’t like it, simply peel it off. Well, sort of…

Cons to Vinyl Wrapping

The only drawbacks of wrapping are the costs and the difficulty. A decent wrap job will cost you around $3,000-$5,000, which is probably around the same as a decent paint job.

And for the DIYers out there, this isn’t something you want to do on your own. It takes incredible patience and a lot of experience on how to heat the vinyl and when it hits its breaking point.