The car dealership industry can often feel isolating, with dealerships separated by large distances across cities and towns. However, the rise of online forums has revolutionized how people in this industry connect and collaborate. Dealership forums provide a space for people across the world to come together, ask questions, share advice, discuss best practices, and support each other through good and bad times.

Opening the Door to Genuine Relationships

While risks are inherent to any online platform, like the potential for inappropriate or harsh comments, the benefits of connection and shared knowledge in dealership forums far outweigh the downsides. These forums help eliminate barriers between dealerships and allow people to learn from one another, regardless of location. Forums open the door for more meaningful relationships and conversations between people in similar roles who understand the intricacies of the work. An isolating job can become more engaging and collaborative with the support of an online community.

Dealership employees can commiserate over shared struggles or rejoice in hard-won triumphs on forums. New members are welcomed into the community and given honest yet thoughtful advice from more experienced counterparts. In an industry spread so widely, forums provide an ideal way to bridge the gaps between dealerships and enable mutual learning on a large scale. Genuine relationships are built between people who may never meet in person but still profoundly understand what the other experiences daily.

Everyone Is Welcome

For women in the automotive industry, forums can provide a lifeline to others navigating similar challenges. In a male-dominated field, connecting with other women in similar roles leads to mentorship, empowerment, and motivation opportunities. Overall, for anyone working at a car dealership, forums help reduce feelings of isolation and open up pathways to collaboration.

The top dealership and automotive forums provide enormous value to those in the industry. They allow people to learn new skills, gain fresh perspectives, build meaningful relationships, and improve their businesses through shared knowledge. In an era when technology has the potential to isolate, forums show how digital platforms can enhance human connection and community.

Here are the top five dealership forums you can join to join the ever-growing community of automotive professionals.


DealerRefresh is one of the best resources for anyone working in a car dealership. Since 2004, DealerRefresh has provided a blog and forum focused on issues relevant to dealers, like digital marketing, reputation management, social media, and operational best practices.    

You can read articles and have in-depth discussions about search engine optimization for your website, video marketing strategies, hiring the right staff, and much more. DealerRefresh provides practical advice and solutions to the daily challenges that dealers face. The community on DealerRefresh is highly engaged, with dealers helping each other solve problems and improve their businesses.

Dealership Forum

Dealership Forum is an online discussion board built specifically for people who own or work in car dealerships. On the forum, you can connect with other dealers in your local region or country, ask questions about running a successful dealership, get recommendations on various franchises and vehicle brands, or discuss effective sales and marketing techniques.   

Since the forum is tailored to those working in dealerships, the content and community directly serve members’ needs. Dealership Forum provides a space for nuanced conversations about the industry’s intricacies with others who understand exactly what you’re talking about.

Car Dealer Magazine Forum

Car Dealer Magazine Forum provides an online space to accompany Car Dealer Magazine, a publication tailored to the motor trade industry. The magazine runs the forum and discusses topics covered in each issue, like new vehicle releases, regulatory changes, spotlight interviews with industry leaders, and more.

On the forum, you can comment on magazine articles, post vehicle listings and classified ads to reach magazine readers, warn other members about potential fraud risks or scams to watch out for and connect with others in the motor trade. Discussing content from the magazine on the forum helps foster an engaged community centered around the publication.   


Autotalk is an automotive website with a forum section for discussing everything related to cars and motorcycles. AutoTalk provides a space for basic conversations about makes and models, maintenance tips, modifications, repairs, and general automotive guidance. AutoTalk covers cars and motorcycles, allowing riders and drivers alike to get their vehicle-specific questions answered.

While the community is smaller than some other major forums, AutoTalk can be an excellent option to start discussions centered around your specific vehicle. You can connect with others driving the same car as you and swap owner experiences, performance tips, upgrade ideas, and DIY tricks. Even posting general automotive questions can help you gain broad advice from the collective knowledge of forum members.

Support Networks for Women in Automotive

In addition to online forums, some organizations provide community and empowerment specifically for women in the male-dominated automotive industry. Groups like the Automotive Women’s Alliance Foundation, The Southern Automotive Women‘s Forum, and Women in Automotive give women spaces to connect, gain visibility, and get support from peers navigating similar challenges.

The Automotive Women’s Alliance Foundation provides memberships that offer access to special events, educational resources, mentorship programs, and more. The Southern Automotive Women’s Forum hosts conferences where women can hear from inspirational speakers, attend workshops, and build connections. Women in Automotive helps women advance through management training, networking events, and promoting gender diversity in the workplace.

While not structured like traditional online forums, these organizations serve similar purposes – providing community, advice, and relationships with industry peers. For women looking for extra support in the automotive field, groups like these empower members through shared experiences and resources. The camaraderie and strength in numbers these organizations facilitate help give women the confidence and motivation needed to excel in a male-dominated industry.

Expand Your Network

Overall, online dealerships and automotive forums provide a valuable space for connection, learning, and collaboration across the car industry. The community and knowledge sharing in these forums lead to improved skills, new ideas, and support systems for people working in what can be an isolating field. These five leading forums are some of the best places for dealers to engage with counterparts and improve their businesses. Take some time to check out these forums; you never know who you’ll meet or what you’ll learn.

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