As a car dealer marketing to actual car shoppers within your area in a sea of competition, you want your website to stand out. In fact, you need it to. Do you have the right tools to make it happen?

While creativity, knowledge, and good-old-fashioned gumption go far in producing landing pages that perform well and drive traffic to your site, you’re typically only as good as your platform allows. Unfortunately, in some cases, that’s just not good enough.

The question is, what can you do about it? If your website platform only seems to stand in the way of the quality and effectiveness of your content and page design, it probably feels like you’re in a no-win situation. Obviously, ditching your current provider for a new look isn’t usually an option; unless you happen to have thousands of dollars lying around in your marketing slush fund, of course.

For the answer, you can look to the ingenuity and capabilities of your digital marketing firm. Oh, wait…that’s not usually an option, either. Unless you’re with a cutting-edge firm like Dealer Authority, that’s out to revolutionize what’s possible for quality SEO content and landing page across the board.

We’ve been able to partner with the right tech to make it happen. This collaboration has produced a brand-new tool that is already making waves in the SEO world; and more importantly, it’s moving metal for our clients.

Dealer Authority’s exclusive page-builder tool opens some pretty significant doors for our dealers, all of which were previously slammed shut and locked up tight.

As we know, not all website platforms were created equally. Well, we just leveled the playing field. Dealer Authority’s page-builder tool gives us the ability to create 100% custom landing pages for our dealers. With this technology, we can actually bypass all of your web platform’s bugs, defects, and limitations to create remarkably detailed and comprehensive pages to be showcased for in-market shoppers all around you.

Dealer Authority is always pushing boundaries and looking for new ways to separate our dealers from the pack, as well as our company and our services. Our page-builder tool is just the latest avenue that will take us to new heights.

If you’re not getting the quality you want from your web platform or from your digital marketing firm, it’s time to take a look at Dealer Authority and see how you could be getting more for your money. If you’re not taking advantage of the tools available to you and your business, isn’t it about time you did?