The two main areas of focus for car dealers looking to engage with potential clients on Facebook are their business page and Facebook advertisements, also known as dark posts. Below we will break down each area into easy to follow steps for Facebook beginners.


Car Dealership Facebook Business Page

  • Create a Facebook Business Page for your car dealership. Log into Facebook with your personal Facebook account and select “Create Page.”
  • Identify your dealership as a business and follow the prompts to set up your page. Set a profile picture and cover photo and completely fill out the About section with your unique message.
  • Begin posting content which is relevant to the automobile brand(s) you sell, your dealership, and your local community. Increase your page posts’ visibility with a daily Post Engagement budget of $5 to $10 using Facebook’s Ads Manager tool.
  • Invite friends and family to “like” your page and instruct your team to do the same.
  • When someone comments on your posts, leaves a review or sends a message to your Facebook inbox respond quickly and work to initiate a back and forth conversation whenever possible.
  • Be consistent – Post once daily with relevant content and invite anyone who engages with your posts to “like” your page.

Facebook Advertisements/Dark Posts

  • Using Facebooks Ads Manager tool, create a new campaign to generate traffic to your website from Facebook.
  • Build an Ad Set with a daily budget of $10 (or more,) set behavioral targeting for individuals who are likely in-market for the auto brands you sell, set geographic targeting for a 25-50-mile radius around your dealership.
  • Using a custom, eye-catching image, video, or serious of photos (for carousel ad) build an advertisement which displays your dealership’s unique selling proposition, special offer, or manufacturer incentive. Be certain to include a “why buy” message which differentiates your car dealership from the competition.
  • Monitor your advertisement for performance and change out the graphic/video and copy at least once per month to keep it fresh.

If you are interested in learning more about setting up and managing Facebook for car dealers, please contact the automotive digital marketing specialists at Dealer Authority for a complimentary consultation by calling 888-963-9617. We are happy to help!