I’m not going to go into too much detail in this blog post. The video does all of the speaking that I need. Instead, I can sum it up very quickly: vendors should spend less time pitching their products and more time educating when on the various networking venues.

Our industry is blessed with a plethora of venues through which vendors can reach dealers and visa versa. Blogs, social networks, webinars, conferences, and social groups all offer great ways for true networking and education to take place, but all-too-often we see these venues being used to pitch products. There’s nothing wrong with a mention here or there just to remind dealers what it is that you do but to us, there are only three places to focus on marketing and selling to dealers:

  • Vendor blog (like this one)
  • Vendor social media pages and profiles (and NOT the various general automotive social networks)
  • Scheduled sales pitches

If you tell dealers they’re going to a webinar, show them something useful. If you’re inviting dealers to a presentation that is supposed to be helpful and not a sales pitch, don’t pitch them. These seem like simple things but it’s amazing how rarely these basic concepts are followed. Here’s the video: