Automotive SEO

Organic is the best traffic you can send to your website.


Automotive Search Engine Optimization

Your dealership’s success is our top priority. As your personal dealership marketing agency, Dealer Authority offers exclusivity to our Search Engine Optimization clients because we understand you cannot dominate the competition using the same strategies as other dealers in your market.

Syndication is a dirty word at Dealer Authority. We build unique content for each of our clients and craft custom SEO strategies to help achieve their ranking and keyword goals.

What Can You Expect When Dealer Authority Takes the Wheel of Your Automotive SEO Strategy?


A Team of Dedicated Experts

Think of Dealer Authority as your SEO Pit Crew. Our experts have decades of experience in marketing and the automotive industry. Every team member is committed to staying up to date on the latest in digital marketing and SEO best practices. So, don’t worry about learning all of the ins and outs of automotive SEO. We handle that for you!

Quality, Custom Content Proven to Drive Leads to Your Door

Look at your website content from the perspective of a potential car buyer. Even before the COVID pandemic shut down showrooms, many shoppers preferred starting their buying journey from the comfort and safety of their home, using their computer or mobile device. Potential buyers aren’t just researching which car they want to buy, but also where they want to buy it.

Our writers understand the needs and pain points car shoppers face. They create landing page content that goes beyond the dense, awkwardly worded vehicle descriptions you’ll find on many automotive websites. Our content is engaging, informative, and relatable to car shoppers from all walks of life.

We also understand the value of your dealership’s why-buy messaging. We focus on what makes your business unique, whether it’s a commitment to the community, highly trained service technicians, or your sales team’s outstanding customer service. Our experience has shown that potential customers are more likely to visit a showroom prepared to make a deal when they feel like they already know your team.


Custom Content

How do you expect Google and shoppers to notice you when you have the same content as every other dealership?

Dealer Authority helps you stand out from the competition with our custom automotive SEO. The majority of content on dealership’s websites focuses on the features and technical specifications of models. This content is often boring and not easy to read. Dealer Authority writers create content that allows the customer to feel as if they are sitting in the driver’s seat with details that keep the customer interested as well as the search engines.

We know it is equally important to tell your story on why consumers should buy from your dealership. That is why we help to refine or create a why buy story for your store. Dealer Authority is constantly testing and developing new page layouts for their effectiveness to convert traffic and improve your automotive SEO. Our pages are perfect for landing traffic for all sources, such as paid or Facebook.


Linking Strategy

Linking is vital for boosting your website’s ranking. At Dealer Authority, our team of experts conducts a comprehensive analysis of your site’s internal and backlinks to provide you with a crystal-clear understanding of where your dealership website stands compared to your competition. We identify and address any broken or ineffective links, while also presenting you with valuable linking opportunities that can significantly increase your Domain Authority.


Get Ready to Watch Your Keyword Rankings Soar​

There’s no other way to put it. If you want to get automotive SEO right, it will take a substantial amount of effort. From research to implementation, monitoring, and adjusting, SEO can be overwhelming even for seasoned digital marketing veterans. We’ll find keywords with high search rates and low competition, we’ll unearth important local keywords, and find long-tail keywords that get you ahead of your competition.

Earning backlinks to your site is critical to your site ranking. It’s also incredibly challenging and time-consuming. Don’t worry, though; the Dealer Authority team has a proven record of success with developing the relationships needed to generate links back to your site. We’ll implement a smart backlinking strategy that, paired with our custom keyword research, delivers year over year growth in organic traffic to your automotive website.

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Woman excited with her new car purchase

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