I am not an animal hunter. I’ve shot one animal in my life and that was plenty for me. With that said, I have gone hunting enough to understand that there’s a similarity between two of the major types of deer hunting styles and two of the biggest methods of digital marketing.

Search engine marketing is much like stand hunting. The hunter positions themselves within a blind, often elevated, and waits for the deer to come to them. This method is much like search marketing. You can’t force people to do searches, but you can be in the right place at the right time on search when they do begin their “hunt” for their next vehicle.

Social media marketing is like still hunting. The hunter goes out into the woods and searches for the deer. They will occasionally stop and wait if they feel the spot is right (my grandfather would do this a lot and it forced me to be silent for several minutes at a time which was hard when I was 6 years old), but for the most part they’re quietly on the move looking for signs of the prey. This is like social media. In many ways, we’re stalking our customers in order to put the right message in front of them at the right time.

Both methods have the same goal – get the customers to the dealership. With search, you wait for them. With social, you go out and try to find them.

As dealers continue to expand their digital marketing, it’s important that they have a complete understanding of how to position their messages on the various venues. We can help.