In February, 2014, we set out to find the best PPC partner in the automotive industry. We knew that our strengths were in organic search marketing and social media and we assumed that we could identify a service that shared our mindset of domination and having the best possible product available to car dealers.

We were wrong. So, in 2015, we decided to build our own solution.

The result is Buyers’ Logic Digital Advertising. The name doesn’t matter, though it does drive to the core of what we do and why we do it. In essence, we view everyone that we can reach through a paid digital medium such as search PPC, banner advertising, retargeting, and geo-fencing as existing in some stage of the modern buying cycle. As a result, we believe in using different messages and landing pages to match their intent so that we can bring them down lower in the funnel towards buying from our clients sooner.

Even if they aren’t willing or able to buy more quickly, this methodology still allows us to give them messages that fit where they are in the cycle. We will virtually walk with your potential customers through every stage, delivering value along the way and making you the clear choice when they’re ready to pull the trigger.

Automotive PPC and Co-Op Dollars

When we reviewed other PPC vendors, one of our executives asked an amazing question. “Do dealers know how much their co-op choices are really costing them?”

The concept is this – some (not all) co-op directions given to dealers by their OEMs are actually hurting more than helping. In other words, the OEM might be paying a good chunk or all of the investment for a marketing activity, but are the cost savings really worth the decline in quality or mandated direction of strategy?

Automotive PPC is a perfect example of this. I’ve seen many companies that the OEM recommends in the form of co-op money that are unwilling or unable to be truly aggressive for their dealers because they are forced to stay within certain search marketing limitations. Sure, they can save the dealership thousands of dollars, but at what cost? Would a dealership rather save money to sell fewer cars rather than spending more money to have more control over their marketing and sell more vehicles as a result?

For most dealers, the best answer is the prior. They would rather save the money. It’s a mentality that stems from “leaving money on the table.” Nobody likes to do it. If the OEM is going to pay for something, why not let them?

There are other dealers, however, who realize that quality trumps cheap. They’d rather spend more of their own money to sell more cars. Sure, they’re leaving money on the table that is being offered to them, but they’re able to sell more cars as a result. In the whole scheme of things, they are able to attack the search engine marketing world much more aggressively and can improve the bottom line as a result.

Keep in mind that we will submit for co-op for any brands that allow it. However, we are not on an approved vendor list for the OEMs that require such things because of our exclusivity philosophy. Until they change their thinking, we never will be.

Market-Exclusive PPC for Car Dealers

We believe in working with one dealership or dealer group per brand per metro area. It’s obtuse to us that vendors can offer the same solution to dealerships competing against each other. We encourage you to contact us with the contact form or call us at 888.963.9617 to check your market for availability.