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Google’s NEW Auto Inventory Ads

Google now has a new ad type that allows dealerships to display inventory in the paid search sections.  High-intent consumers can be shopping your inventory with just one click. This will give dealerships a competitive advantage who act quickly to stay ahead of the competition.

advantage of google vehicle ads?

Google Vehicle Ads are dynamic, lower-funnel paid ads, with high visibility that provide you with better quality traffic and leads. Google automatically optimizes ads to show your most relevant inventory based on the shopper’s search. This leads to lower CPC and higher conversion rates.

What makes these ads unique from other ad formats is they can display details including the vehicle’s make, model, year, price, condition, dealership info, and more!

Stand out from the competition

This new ad format is new and you can stand out from the competition if you act quickly. Show actually inventory to consumers while the competition is still advertising with traditional PPC ads.

Google Vehicle listing ad image
Image of Vehicle Listing Ads


Increase in VDP views



Increase in form fills


Increase in phone calls

Let us do the heavy lifting

We are a team of automotive and google experts

The setup for Google Vehicle Ads can be daunting if you are not a marketing agency because there are several steps in the setup process. Dealer Authority has the expertise to make the process of setting up Google Vehicle Ads as simple as possible. There is no one in the industry that get you live with these ads faster than Dealer Authority.

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