What is the value of personal attention?

Do you believe a one-size-fits-all solution is “good enough” for your dealership? It’s easy to become confused trying to decipher which automotive digital marketing company is the right fit for your car dealership because almost everyone is SAYING the same things. They all understand what you want to hear and are happy to proclaim that they provide it. The trouble is that very few providers have the talent, drive, and desire to make good on the claims.

Many vendors promise to provide you with a dedicated support team, and maybe you do get a dedicated rep at first, during onboarding.  Once you’re all set up you get a 1-800 support line just like everyone else. Who answers when you call? What we can best describe as “weekend help” that has to look up your concern in a binder of “answers.”

1 of Many

With most automotive digital marketing vendors, you are nothing but a number.  A tick in the tally of thousands of others who help line the pockets of the owners.  Along with all the other dealers, you receive syndicated content on your website, cookie-cutter Facebook posts, and generic PPC and Facebook sponsored ads with no sparkle of the elements which differentiate YOU from your competition.

At Dealer Authority, we do it differently. Our philosophy for client care can best be described by referencing Jerry Maguire’s mission statement.

With too many clients it’s easy to forget what is important.  The key to this business is personal relationships!  Fewer clients, less money, more attention, caring for them and caring for ourselves too.

We are small, nimble, and personally invested in the success of your car dealership. Dealer Authority is comprised of car guys, men, and women with an average of 11 years of automotive experience. Our ego is tied up in every ounce of marketing effort we exert. Unlike an algorithm, we care deeply about the results of our campaigns. We care about your dealership sell more cars this month than you did before we teamed up.  We care.

There is no support line. Our partner dealers receive the cell phone number of everyone who works for you, which in many instances is as many as 6 or 7 hyper-talented marketing masterminds working in collaboration on your automotive Social Media Marketing, SEM, and automotive PPC campaigns. The writers conceptualizing your custom content consider your dealership’s unique personality and sales proposition. In our services brainstorm together with you to identify a successful strategy as distinctive as your store. Every image, every word, every ad, and every impactful landing page is custom-made and hand-crafted just for you.

Hands-on Automotive Digital Marketing Strategy

Why do we do this when it’s so much easier to set it and forget it like the other guys?  Simple. It is impossible to dominate your competition using the same strategies they use. It is inconceivable to expect your Facebook ads to cut through the unbelievable clutter of the news feed without eye-catching graphics paired with personalized, serendipitous-sounding copywriting.  It’s cuckoo to contemplate that an agency representing six car dealers in the same market, utilizing the identical automotive pay-per-click campaign for each of them, really wants to help anyone of them gain market share. It’s an inherent conflict of interests that baffles us.

Vendors don’t offer exclusivity for search. They don’t offer custom, hand-crafted content across all avenues of your automotive digital marketing efforts.  Vendors don’t hand out their personal cell phone numbers and encourage you to call any time. They don’t proactively adjust campaigns on the fly. Vendors don’t care about you. You need a partner. You need Dealer Authority.