There’s a hole in the world of automotive marketing that many dealers have been unable to properly fill. Content marketing has been a huge component of general internet marketing for years, but in our industry it has fallen short of its potential. The biggest challenge is, of course, time; who has enough time to put out the content that can help drive more buyers to a dealership’s website?

Localized content marketing is both the most challenging in some regards while being the easiest component when done right. For dealers, it’s a matter of authority – your dealership should be the localized authority on everything they need to know about vehicles. It isn’t just about advertising the cars themselves. That’s what the website itself does naturally through inventory and specials. It’s about giving people reasons to want to buy the vehicles, then demonstrating that you’re the right dealership from which to buy them.

Content marketing is the solution. It’s the hub that helps both search and social marketing while enhancing the overall presence of the website itself.

Some considering blogging to be the main tool in content marketing, but it isn’t. It’s a useful component but it’s far from being the main gig. A holistic approach to content marketing in which all of the components work together in unison is the way to exponentially improve the overall marketing presence of the dealership.

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