Has anyone else noticed the change in color trends sweeping the automotive industry? Dealer Authority decided to do a little digging to see what exactly is driving some of the new trends.

Axalta, a liquid and powder coating company, recently released a series of paint combinations “for the future of automobiles” and we have to admit, some of the duos are pretty spectacular. 

While the colors white, silver, and black made up for most of 2018’s sales, we are noticing that red, dark blue, and green are creeping their way up the list. These color combinations pair nicely with Axalta’s “Light and Dark” and “Bright and Muted” duos. 

We decided to investigate this even further and visit a few dealerships to see what’s really moving and shaking on a local level. In our area, we see an uptick in bright blues, deep reds, and matte paint options. Here’s Erika Simms, Vice President of Dealer Authority,  standing in front of the new Iron Man Edition Hyundai KONA

Currently, the Hyundai KONA comes in seven unique colors plus the matte grey color featured on the Iron Man Edition. From “Surf Blue” to “Sunset Orange” it’s definitely one of the more colorful vehicles on the road today.

PPG, another supplier of automotive paints, also recently released some of their automotive paint trends for 2019 and 2020 – the consensus? Conservative colors will continue to dominate – but there’s an increase in demand for new and innovative color options. We love their new AMPLIFY color palette for 2019. These trends also go beyond the exterior.

“We understand that today, car colors go beyond the body and can be represented in various areas – including the car’s interior, wheel coatings and more. Wheel coatings are becoming a focal point of individualization for car buyers, many of which are drawn toward metallics, such as bronze and rose gold, as well as vibrant multi-faceted colors and matte finishes.”

Jennifer Solcz, PPG Global Segment Manager for Wheels, Industrial Coatings

Toyota is also jumping on the hot color trends with its exciting “Voodoo Blue” option. Overall the Tacoma comes in a somewhat muted, dark color scheme, but “Voodoo Blue” definitely leaves an impression on the road. With the prominent location of the intake, Toyota is taking a risk that the consumer will either love or hate. There’s no in-between.

2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD in Voodoo Blue

So we’ll end this with a question for any dealer reading this – What color options are you seeing a spike in? Let us know!