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Dealer Authority’s collaboration with e-commerce platform, DriveItNow, generates 208 leads in one month

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Increase in leads generated

Additional leads month over month

Jeff Schmitt Auto Group is one of the largest automotive dealer groups in Southwest Ohio proudly offering Chevrolet, Cadillac, Nissan, and Mitsubishi as well as over 700 pre-owned vehicles.


Increase Lead Submissions

The team at Jeff Schmitt Auto Group recognized the quality of the leads submitted through the DriveItNow tool and wanted to increase the number of leads submitted without decreasing the quality.

The Strategy Dealer Authority deployed a digital marketing strategy with a focus on hyper-targeted Facebook advertising. Individuals who have been identified as highly likely to purchase a new vehicle type that matches the auto makes sold at Jeff Schmitt Auto Group and are located geographically near the dealership experienced custom, engaging posts seamlessly integrated into their news feed. The message and images in each post were focused on the benefits of the Shop By Payment tool. Dealer Authority built 6 unique campaigns and A/B tested the results to identify which designs were most effective at converting. The Results The Facebook campaign reached over 19,000 in-market car shoppers and delivered 1,434 clicks through to the custom-built landing page on Jeff Schmitt Auto Group’s website.
The Strategy Dealer Authority constructed custom landing pages on Jeff Schmitt Auto Group’s website which introduced shoppers to the seamlessly integrated Shop By Payment tool by DriveItNow. The appeal of identifying only those vehicles which fit within the shopper’s comfortable monthly budget, based on a soft credit pull which does not require a social security number or impact their credit score, delivered impressive results. The Results The campaign generated an additional 208 leads over the previous month, a 329% increase in lead volume. The cost per lead averaged an impressively low $2.88.

What makes Dealer Authority unique in the industry is our Octane strategy. We ensure all advertising sends a consistent and strategic message that converts at a high rate. Our content is all custom rather than relying on off-the-rack content.

Tyson Madliger

CEO, Dealer Authority