PPC Case Study

Comparing performance of DA and Competition.

Dealer Authority vs. the Competition: Automotive PPC Edition

This case study examines the pay-per-click (PPC) performance of Dealer Authority,  for a client from August 1, 2021, to August 31, 2022. The report compares Dealer Authority’s performance during this period against the client’s previous PPC provider in the year preceding the engagement.

Dealer Authority assumed responsibility for the client’s Paid Search advertising in August 2021, and the results were remarkable. Despite operating with the same budget, Dealer Authority achieved triple-digit growth in key performance indicators such as users, sessions, and time on site.

Unprecedented Times? Challenge Accepted.

The report highlights a significant improvement in the overall performance of the client’s Google Ads campaigns and subsequent website traffic throughout the focus period. These achievements are particularly noteworthy considering the challenging circumstances faced by the automotive industry during this time.

The nationwide market experienced severe shortages of new vehicle inventory, resulting in a shift towards used car sales and dealer purchases as the primary focus of automotive marketing efforts.

Same Budget, 3x the Results

This case study delves into the strategies and tactics employed by Dealer Authority to achieve such exceptional results despite the adverse market conditions. By analyzing our approach, campaign performance, and cost-effectiveness, this report demonstrates how our team and strategy stand out from the competition. 

Read on to learn more and discover how our efforts can transform the automotive PPC results for your dealership!

The Google Ads chart below showcases budget spent and average cost-per-click for each month in the one-year period.

  • As demonstrated below, there was a significant decline in overall cost per click after August 2021.
  • The only increase from the start of the Dealer Authority period was in December, which is when total Google ad competition is typically at an all-time high for all advertisers throughout the year.

The following Google Analytics charts & table highlight website traffic performance from Google Ads
in the year before we took over the ad account and the first year of working on the account. 

  • Dealer Authority began working on the Google Ad account in August 2021
  • Note the substantial increase in website sessions and average session duration from August 2021 and onward
  • In this year-over-year comparison you can see that the Dealer Authority PPC ads immediately outperformed the previous vendor’s efforts.
  • As optimizations to the account continued throughout the year, our PPC ads delivered a sharp & steady incline of users and sessions
  • In a year-over-year comparison, the DA PPC ads nearly tripled the number of total users, new users, and browsing sessions. The average browsing session duration also increased by over 33% within that same year-over-year period.

  We can view the performance on the Search Network beginning in August 2021 through August 2022 below.

  • At the beginning of the DA PPC period, the Google Ads account was operating at a CPC of $3.74. This is technically under the industry average but elevated by DA performance standards. Immediate optimization of the account allowed the CPC to fall drastically, except for December 2021, when Google’s CPC was at an exceedingly higher rate overall.
  • Following Q4 2021, the ad CPC fell to $2.01 and maintained an average of far below $2.00 into Q3 2022.

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