Automotive social media, when handled properly, is the most powerful tool that your competitors are not utilizing appropriately today. It is a venue that can be used to dramatically increase sales for your dealership through appropriate targeting and amazing strategies. That’s what we do at Dealer Authority and we’re making a market-exposure push for the early part of June, 2014.

Our 3-2-1 Social Media Liftoff Promotion is simple: try a month of Dealer Authority social media for $321 and discover what real social media marketing can do to improve your bottom line by driving more car buyers to your website and to the dealership. This package, valued at $1225 per month, is enough to give you the peace of mind you need in order to make an educated decision of how to move forward with your social media marketing strategy. There’s no catch. No fine print. Try it and love it or leave it.

Space is limited. The last promotion we ran a couple of months ago ran out of slots in less than a week. Just because it says that it’s a June special doesn’t mean that it will run through the whole month. Once we’ve reached 10 promotional claims, we’ll be shutting it down for at least a couple of months, so don’t wait. Act immediately. Contact us now.