At Dealer Authority, we know how to help dealerships sell cars. Our staff have an average of over 12 years in the automotive industry and there’s a reason that outside companies rarely succeed when they try to come into the automotive arena to help car dealers: we just think differently. Our customers think differently. There is no other purchase a person can make that’s anything like buying a car, so without prior knowledge of how to reach these customers, it’s hard to break into the industry and succeed.

But you don’t have to worry about that with us.

We put our clients’ needs at the top of our list and take the time to work with you, in depth, to come up with digital marketing solutions that are perfect for your dealership. Your success is our success. And to prove it, here are a few ways that we show how much we appreciate you:

1. Respect for Our Client’s Specific Needs

So you’re a Toyota dealer in Michigan that wants to focus on selling RAV4s to local adventurers? No problem. You’re a BMW dealer in DC that wants to revamp your social media accounts to market toward your current clientele? We’ve got you. You’re a Jeep and Ram dealer in California that needs to refresh your SEO strategy? We’re always here to help.

No matter what you need, our expert digital marketing team here at Dealer Authority is ready and waiting to make it happen. We pride ourselves on our ability to create a strategy that’s based on your needs and wants and our ability to execute it with expertise. Whether it’s social, SEO, or PPC, our team has your back.

2. Transparency

And what good would a great strategy be without transparency? Every step of the way, our strategists openly work with you to create content that you will be proud of. We keep nothing a secret and make an effort for you to understand every step of our processes. Have a question? We can answer it!

We see it as our job to be an extension of your internal marketing staff and the only way to do that is to share what many in the industry refer to as their “secret sauce” with you, the client. Guess what? There isn’t a secret sauce. The sauce is made up of your dealership’s goals and our team showing you how those goals are being worked for and achieved each month. Anything else is… well, you know.

3. Personalization

Every new automation tool that finds success gets shot down quickly by search engines such as Google. These search engines have been exceptionally clear about their intentions: they do not want automation. They want manual effort by experts who know what they’re doing. They want quality. They don’t reward software solutions or clever schemes with high ranks. Long-term, the type of personalized approach that Dealer Authority offers to our clients is exactly what the search and social giants demand.

We take this a step further by personalizing every aspect of your website and socials as much as we can, from the individual posts on Facebook to your SEO content on your various landing pages. Nothing is automated and everything is unique. We strive to make your dealership a lighthouse in a sea of conventionality.  

4.Exclusivity within the Client’s Market

We don’t build websites—we enhance them. We work with any automotive website platform to make it perform better. We then drive traffic to your website through search, social, and content marketing. That’s why we offer exclusivity within a market. We want your dealership to beat out the rest of the OEM competition in your area, which is why we won’t work with your competition. We are so certain of our strategy’s effectiveness that we stand behind our work based upon results and results alone.

So there you have it. We mean it when we say that we appreciate you. Clients come first here at Dealer Authority, and our current dealers will agree. So if you’re not working with us yet, give us a call. We’d love to help make you the #1 dealership in your area.