We don’t settle for less than the best here at Dealer Authority—and that includes setting and achieving goals for our clients. We pride ourselves on the relationships we build with our automotive dealers, forming a deep understanding of your business, as well as knowing your dealeship’s specific wants and needs.

That’s why we have six pillars of attributes that we focus on to make our company—and therefore our clients—thrive. We will explain them all in detail in later blog posts; however, the first pillar we’ll be discussing is our dedication to service

Dealer Authority Pillar #1: Service 

Expert Staff that Handles Real-Time Editing

One of the ways that the team here at Dealer Authority strives to make ourselves invaluable to you is by offering real-time editing when you need it. We will analyze, improve, and help you manage all facets of marketing at your dealership, no matter what. Got some photos from a dealership event you’d like us to post on Facebook, even if it’s after hours? Want to make a last-minute holiday sales landing page? Need to update the email address listed on your website? Give us a call, whenever you need! Our flexible and experienced staff is ready and willing to help. 

Think of us as a virtual marketing manager for your dealership. This will make it easier to stay focused on the things that are important rather than getting caught in the weeds trying to make the small but important things happen. Your goals are our goals—we want you to succeed!

Direct Relationship with Your Strategist

Communication, expertise, and a willingness to help—these are the things that we offer that will help your dealership become even more successful. 

Our team is our biggest strength. Competitors simply cannot come close to the level of automotive experience we have. The DA team was built with a heavy focus on hiring individuals with both digital and automotive backgrounds, which makes us a solid choice. The automotive industry is unique and we have a team that understands the challenges and goals of our dealers.

We hire talent across the country with experience in selling and marketing cars, along with knowing the ins and outs of social media, SEO, PPC, and other digital strategies. We’re also not limited to just one city—we find the biggest talent from all over the US. We’re friendly, smart, and (perhaps most importantly) we know how to sell cars. We develop relationships with our dealers and work together to position you as the #1 dealer in your space. We can’t wait to get to know you! For us, this isn’t business: it’s personal.

Team Meeting

A Team Focused on Product Development/Enhancements

“Innovation” is a term used often at Dealer Authority. We’re all about taking calculated risks and delving deep into market research to keep an edge on the competition, as well as stay in-the-know on the various technology changes that happen every day. Additionally, we strive to test out different features and options that can help take our clients pages and rankings up a level. 

For example, our innovative Octane approach is a cohesive marketing plan which synergizes efforts from Social, SEO, PPC, and your traditional marketing endeavors to deliver a consistent, compelling message. Octane is nota pre-packaged, one-size-fits-all solution; rather, we custom-craft your campaigns to meet the specific needs of your dealership. 

A Strategy Tailored Specifically to You

Dealer Authority helps you stand out from the competition with our custom social, pay-per-click, onsite, and offsite content. The majority of contenton dealership’s websites focuses on the features and technical specifications of models. This content is often boring and not easy to read—and who wants that? The writers at Dealer Authority craft content that allows the reader to feel as if they are sitting in the driver’s seat, all the while making sure that the content is optimized for search engines.  

Dealer Authority is one of the few Search Engine Optimization companies that focus on link building in the automotive industry. There are plenty of automotive SEO companies that only focus on content creation and put very little effort in earning links. It’s because it’s difficult and time-consuming. Dealer Authority puts in the time and effort to building relationships and cultivating links. It is also important to understand which keywords generate the most traffic from consumers in all stages of the buying cycle. We analyze the keywords in your area with feedback from you in our strategy meetings. We track the performance of the keywords, constantly moving our focus further out geographically from your dealership as we grow your presence on page one of SERPs so you’ll have the best performing automotive SEO in your area.

This only scratches the surface of how we tailor a strategy that is unique to you. We also help to refine or create a “why buy” story for your store—Dealer Authority is constantly testing and developing new page layouts for their effectiveness to convert traffic and improve your automotive SEO. If you’re using Facebook Ads, our advertising strategists combine impressive graphic design with engaging and effective copy-writing and in-market targeting to make sure each unique Ad is designed to entice shoppers to convert to your store. You’ll be able to see the impact we’re making through our comprehensive reports, to which we use a combination of Facebook reporting, Google Analytics, and our own tools to measure the various engagements your website/socials can have.