Optimize Your Content to the Fullest

Whether you’re a seasoned SEO vet or a newbie on the block just trying to figure out what search engine optimization actually means, adjusting your SEO Goals for 2019 is an important step forward so that your website and the content on it is keeping up with the times.  

Everyone knows that keyword research is the first thing you do when preparing a new SEO strategy. The following steps will help you make the most of those fresh new keywords so all that hard work doesn’t go to waste!

1. Work Smarter Not Harder with Evergreen Content

Naturally, whenever you’re formulating ideas for new blog posts or onsite landing pages you want the content to stay relevant and useful.  However, that doesn’t mean you have to slave over brand new articles year after year.  Some search queries never die, therefore landing pages that most appropriately relate to that keyword or search query don’t either.  Craft evergreen content that never expires so you can easily update and reuse it year after year.  

Even if an article is five years old it can still maintain its relevancy when you update it over time. You’re also helping boost or maintain the page ranking on search engines and Page Authority of that landing page or blog post because you’re continuously driving traffic to the same spot instead of leading it elsewhere.  

2. Serve Up Your Content in Bite-Size Chunks

With the increasing number of distractions we come across on a daily basis, the attention span of the average individual is declining.  This means that A. not only is it difficult to grab the attention of our audience but B. it’s that much harder to keep them focused.  

Are ya still with me?

In order to battle these short attention spans – oh look, a butterfly!  Just kidding, but seriously content needs to be delivered in shorter sentences.  They need to be organized in paragraphs broken up into sections with easily identifiable with headers.  Most importantly, these headers should clearly define what the reader is about to embark upon. 

When searching for information most readers today will simply scan a page to find what they’re looking for.  They have no interest in reading an entire how-to article, much less do they have the time for it.  Make it easier for them to find what they’re looking for with these explicitly clear headers.

3. Optimize Your Content for Voice Search

By breaking up your content with headers you can easily take a stab at everybody’s new favorite way to acquire information, voice search.  Whether your customers are chatting with Alexa, yelling at Siri or just getting to know Bixby, more and more are using these voice-controlled smart devices to find what they’re looking for.  Make the most of your headers and content by optimizing them for voice search. Take a common question that your site can answer and make it the main title of your landing page or include it as a header.  With the right amount of authoritativeness on the topic your page could even make it as a Featured Snippet on Google as an answer to that question.  

Remember that the way people type for a search query and vocalize them are different.  Instead of parsing out a search query by keyword, individuals using voice search tend to ask full-length questions.  So instead of typing “Subaru Forrester oil type,” a person using voice search would ask the full question, “Alexa, what type of oil does a 2016 Subaru Forrester require?”

5 Steps to Building SEO Goals for 2019.

4. Include Eye-Catching Images That Won’t Slow Down Your Site

While optimizing the structure of your content is important, making sure that your images are optimized properly is crucial as well.   Everyone wants a beautiful site to land on, and that usually requires some fancy photos to go along with it.  

Whether you’re taking your own snapshots or relying on a third party like Shutterstock to supply you with quality images, you want to make sure that these eye-catching photos aren’t bogging down your site loading time.   But on the other hand, you also don’t want to sacrifice image quality for site performance either. Use tools like Pixlr to reduce the file size of your image ahead of time or if you have a WordPress-fueled website, simply install the Smush plugin.  This tool not only compresses the file size of your images but also offers additional optimization features that will be useful to your site as well.

5. Stay True to Your Heart 

Okay, this last bit may sound a bit cheesy, but stick to what you know and maintain the focus of your website’s content around what it is that you truly do.  I’m not trying to just be motivational here, but technical as well.  In the most recent Google Algorithm update, the search engine docked blogs and websites that had no authority on what they were writing about i.e. posting content that has nothing to do with your daily business.  On the opposite side of the spectrum Google gave extra kudos (better rankings) to the web pages that were from clearly trusty worthy sites with expert insight. 

Put It All Together for an Unstoppable SEO Strategy

If you focus on these 5 goals when you’re developing content for 2019, not only will your site be unstoppable but it’ll mean less work in the future as well.  For more tips and tricks on SEO and other digital marketing avenues check out other articles on our blog or sign up for our newsletter below.  

If this all sounds great but you’re still not sure you have the time or willpower to dedicate to the cause, reach out to Dealer Authority today.  We can help you realize your SEO goals with the expertise and dedication of our SEO specialists on your side.