Harness Your Web & Social Media Traffic to Drive Sales

Drip marketing, or drip funnel marketing is a method of advertising where your business can use a series of messages and engagement methods that provide several points of contact with prospective clients over time (or down the marketing “funnel”). The drip funnel in Facebook advertising, is a type of retargetingmeaning it uses a Facebook Pixel code to target visitors to your webpage. If you don’t have a Pixel installed on your dealership’s website and you are utilizing Facebook marketing, you are missing out on an excellent resource of traffic.

The initial point of contact is via a standard retargeting ad, which targets car shoppers via your existing web traffic. This is key to the entire process, as it’s the top of the “funnel” that influences the audience size for the rest of the campaign. The more visitors your website receives, the larger the pool of potential clients there will be to target—making this method of marketing more advantageous for businesses with higher web traffic, but who wish to see a higher quality of traffic.

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But that isn’t to say you can’t increase your web traffic to complement this marketing method. If you aren’t getting the amount of traffic you’d need to optimize this method, your business would simply need to step up your overall digital marketing game. That can typically be done with stronger SEO, PPC, social media advertising, and post engagement efforts. A strong base marketing strategy ensures your drip funnel has a good starting pool of prospects. (Luckily, Dealer Authority can help with all of this—just ask us! We can assess the traffic that comes to your dealership’s website month-over-month and give you the tools to increase your digital leads.)

Once your business has the traffic it needs to fill the funnel, what are the benefits to initiating this kind of marketing campaign?

The Top 5 Benefits to Drip Marketing are…

  1. The quality of your ad-driven traffic will increase. (Our clients who have begun using lead campaigns in their marketing have experienced a significant increase in the time spent on-site by users who clicked through our drip ads.) Your ads will be seen by prospective clients at multiple points along their shopping/buying process.
  2. Instead of just one touch-point (or point of contact), your prospects will see multiple ads of varying ad types from your dealership. This maximizes the value of your budget and nurtures potential leads through your ads. It’s essentially the next best thing to getting the potential clients to visit your showroom multiple times.
  3. If you’re already spending money to push new traffic to your site, this method makes the most out of that budget. As mentioned before, the starting pool of website traffic comprises the top of the drip funnel. If you’ve spent the time and money growing that traffic flow on your site, the best way to take advantage of the resulting visitor increase is drip marketing. This method benefits most from larger targeting pools and is distinct from classic retargeting in that it continues to work past one touch-point.
  4. This type of retargeting helps to re-capture the attention of distracted or diverted prospects. Because of the multiple touch-points and the diversity of ad formats, drip marketing does more to maintain the attention of your target audience. It also helps to regain the attention of shoppers who have momentarily diverted away from your business.
  5. By the time the prospective clients submit a lead form, they’re more knowledgable about the make or model that they are specifically looking for from your dealership and are more engaged with your brand to set up an appointment for a test drive.

If your dealership is looking to improve the amount of qualified leads driven via your social media advertising and website for new and used car sales, consider Dealer Authority. Our team of digital strategists have hand-crafted our drip marketing process to generate more qualified leads for our dealers.