Every year, we get a new batch of social media statistics that are intended to blow our minds from the sheer bulk of the industry. As the year’s pass, the mind-blowing aspects start to fade. We get it. Social media is huge. It’s getting bigger every day. In December every year and January the following year, we get to see things that are impressive but no longer unexpected.

This year is a bit different. Rather than simply blowing our minds, there seems to be a shift in the trends that we’re seeing that actually makes this batch of statistics a bit more useful. In and of themselves they are what they are – big numbers pointing to much of the same as previous years. However, if you read between the lines of the number and focus on the trends coming in 2014, you’ll see that there’s more to be learned from the video below.

First and foremost, the velocity of social media has hit such a high point that Facebook and Twitter have become “hit them now or not at all” mediums. With Facebook posts fading after an hour and a half and Twitter posts fading after minutes, the importance of timing and fluctuating when posts are going out makes a ton of sense for businesses. To maximize exposure means to get in front of different people with the message. That means that the automated posts that go out at the same times every day may no longer be effective as they were in the not-too-distant past.

There are other tidbits that are worth noting from the information in the video. Rather than spell them out, let’s cut straight to the video. What are you seeing that might mean a change in strategy this year?