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How Toyota Used Google +Post Ads to Launch a Car

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Toyota Plus Post Ads

Finally, Google is using their extreme reach to a large chunk of the internet to make their Google+ social network more effective for businesses. The announcement of +Post ads is by far the most exciting news to come out in a long time from a business perspective for Google+.

In essence, the ads will allow businesses to take posts from Google+ and promote them through Google’s ad network. This opens up new horizons for both the network itself as well as businesses that rely on customer interaction in order to publicize their products. Think of it like ads on steroids; through +Post, you’ll be able to get your message out through the standard Google ad channels and then gain more exposure as people +1, comment on, and share the posts through Google+.

Toyota was one of the companies on the pilot program and they wasted no time in making it something worthwhile. Through these interactive ads, they generated buzz and conversation around the launch of the redesigned Corolla. The ad, which ran across several automotive websites as well as likely thousands of non-automotive websites, gave consumers the ability to not only see that the new Corolla was coming but also to interact with the ad itself. This is a tremendous tool for getting feedback and having conversations around the product or service itself.

Google Hangouts, images, an videos can be used to promote the most interactive form of advertising known to the internet. Imagine promoting your weekend sales event through a video but also having it available for people to ask questions or leave comments directly through the website they’re currently surfing. This is just one of the many potential uses for this type of advertising format and should be a huge win for everyone involved: Google, businesses, and consumers.

If you don’t have your Google+ page running on 8-cylinders by now, you need to get going on it (and not just because of +Post ads). Feel free to contact us if you need help.

Here’s Toyota’s story:

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