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Return on investment. It’s a term that is thrown around in the automotive industry by vendors to catch the attention of prospective dealers, but so many times the costs do not match the results. That’s not across the board, but particularly in the realm of automotive social media, the ROI is often minimal.

It’s all about the targeting. The mantra that many in the automotive industry chant about social media is that it’s big and huge and gigantic and you have to be on it. Unfortunately, these concepts miss the real value of social media. Now, there are results that clearly demonstrate that the real ROI comes from[…]

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Since the birth of our company, we’ve been innovating digital marketing by testing, reading, learning, testing, playing, brainstorming, researching, and testing. Did we mention testing? One of the keys that we’ve found when promoting car dealers through social media is that videos can definitely work well even outside of YouTube. It’s not just about getting[…]

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