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Search Engine Optimization

Custom Content
Linking Strategy
Keyword Ranking
Paid Search Integration

We tell your story and you sell more cars.

Custom Content

Dealer Authority helps you stand out from the competition with our custom onsite and offsite content for your dealership.  Most content written on dealership’s websites focuses on the features and technical specifications of models. We know it is equally important to tell your story on why consumers should buy from your dealership.

Dealer Authority analyzes the demographics of your area and write content that relates to the consumers most likely to purchase specific models. We also focus content geographically on conquest markets while defending your market from the competition.

Dealer Authority is constantly testing and developing new page layouts for their effectiveness to produce leads. We want our clients to use the pages we build as landing pages for all of their paid traffic because they are proven to convert.

Content is king and links are aces

Linking Strategy

Dealer Authority has a unique link building strategy in the automotive industry. The industry is flooded with SEO companies that only focus their efforts on onsite content and put very little emphasis on offsite content. This is because it is much easier and less expensive to write content on a dealership’s website compared to building relationships to write offsite content and link back.  The offsite publications should be diverse but also have relevancy to your website. A blog is not enough!

Understand the right Keywords

Keyword Ranking

It is important to understand which keywords generate the most traffic from consumers in all stages of the buying cycle. We analyze the keywords in your area with feedback from you in our strategy meetings.  We track the performance of the keywords constantly moving our focus further out geographically from your dealership as we grow your presence on page one of SERPs.

Better results with a lower budget

Paid Search

Our paid search solution is built on the expertise of our team and not technology. Other companies brag about their automation and technology as the foundation of their paid search solution to increase their profitability at the expense of your dealership. Our team is constantly monitoring and adjusting campaigns for the best results.

We have a passion for beating the competition by constantly testing the latest search features.  Ask us about click to text, price extensions, and offer countdowns.

I use Dealer Authority and they are absolutely incredible! We collaborate daily and they really help me make it happen in all facets of my digital strategy. Dealer Authority is dynamic and a game changing company.
Jake Davis - North Georgia Toyota
The team at Dealer Authority continues to impress us with custom SEO and Facebook campaigns. I hop on the phone with our rep often to brainstorm and update our ads whenever needed. Seriously, I text him at 11:30PM with ideas and they are addressed! 24/7 service! They are truly committed to helping us sell cars, and it shows in every facet of their business. Strongly recommend Dealer Authority to other car dealers.
Jeff Schneider - Szott Automotive Group
I love Dealer Authority; highly recommend. They invest in building a personal relationship with our dealership. It’s like our Facebook guy is here in the showroom! We speak often and find creative ways to get our cars in front of in-market shoppers.
Frank Caputo - Porsche of Huntington