Sell Cars With Instagram

What's Up With Instagram

Instagram boasts a community of more than 800 million individuals who capture and share the world’s moments. Focused on simplicity and creativity, Instagram is the home for visual storytelling. While the platform previously took a back seat to Facebook, it can no longer be ignored by any business wishing to maximize exposure to all audiences. Dealer Authority will establish and maximize your dealership’s exposure on Instagram. The Dealer Authority difference is customization. Unlike most digital marketing partners, everything we post is custom-created from scratch for your dealership. We don’t use

The Dealer Authority difference is customization. Unlike most digital marketing partners, everything we post is custom-created from scratch for your dealership. We don’t use canned content or syndicated “re-posts” from the manufacturer. We don’t recycle other dealers’ posts and slap them up on your page. Our creative team works with you to identify the personality and culture of your dealership and builds a unique, engaging Instagram story to help sell more cars.

Instagram Goals

Social media is all about relationships, as is sales, and a unique posting strategy must be executed on each unique platform. On Instagram, images reign supreme. Copy needs to be engaging and supportive of the intended message, but quality pictures are very important. Primary goals for a dealership when considering an Instagram strategy should include:

  1. Generate and cultivate a following by entertaining & educating
  2. Increase awareness of your dealership and your unique selling proposition
  3. Broadcast images and information about your company, sales, incentives, and events

Let's Get Started

Dealer Authority will build, cultivate, and optimize an Instagram page for your dealership which highlights your unique selling message through engaging images supported with creative, custom storytelling. We’ll achieve your marketing goals and surpass expectations, always with the end goal in mind:  Sell More Cars.

Primary post types include images of your vehicles, not an overwhelming amount, but let’s face it – cars look good!  Culture posts, smiling, happy dealership staff having fun, volunteering, delivering a new car, etc., also perform well. After all, we’re telling the story of your dealership, one picture at a time. Inspirational messages with a tie to automotive are excellent as well.

Tie it Together

In conjunction with Facebook marketing, we can cover a massive amount of territory with a reasonable advertising budget thanks to cross-posting of Facebook ads. This means that dealers who use hyper-targeted Facebook advertising can select to publish the same ads, in an Instagram-friendly format, to the Instagram users who meet the targeting criteria. Example: “In-market for a new Toyota Camry, likely to buy this month.” The user would see a compelling sales message on both Facebook AND Instagram, strengthening the likelihood of engagement with your dealership. We do it all to sell more cars.


When combined with Dealer Authority’s hyper-effective SEO & PPC solutions, our Social strategy delivers even stronger returns.  Octane is a cohesive marketing plan which synergizes efforts from Social, SEO, PPC, and your traditional marketing endeavors to deliver a consistent, compelling message.

Octane is not a pre-packaged, one-size-fits-all solution; rather we custom craft your campaigns to meet the specific needs of your dealership.  Only dealers who wish to dominate your market need apply.

I use Dealer Authority and they are absolutely incredible! We collaborate daily and they really help me make it happen in all facets of my digital strategy. Dealer Authority is dynamic and a game changing company.
Jake Davis - North Georgia Toyota
The team at Dealer Authority continues to impress us with custom SEO and Facebook campaigns. I hop on the phone with our rep often to brainstorm and update our ads whenever needed. Seriously, I text him at 11:30PM with ideas and they are addressed! 24/7 service! They are truly committed to helping us sell cars, and it shows in every facet of their business. Strongly recommend Dealer Authority to other car dealers.
Jeff Schneider - Szott Automotive Group
I love Dealer Authority; highly recommend. They invest in building a personal relationship with our dealership. It’s like our Facebook guy is here in the showroom! We speak often and find creative ways to get our cars in front of in-market shoppers.
Frank Caputo - Porsche of Huntington