Social Customer Infographic

The automotive industry needs a change. As everything in the internet marketing world seems to be gravitating towards OEM-mandated, bulk-oriented vendors who are charged with doing everything they can to make every dealership the same, there are those who are wanting something more. Aggressive car dealers know that they need to do what they can to differentiate themselves from the competition. The challenge is in determining how to make this happen and with whom to partner with to achieve the goals.

That’s why we formed Dealer Authority, the first truly holistic automotive internet marketing agency that focuses on quality instead of quantity. We aren’t trying to accumulate hundreds or thousands of dealer clients. We know that our services are premium to the point that most would not be willing to use them.

We wouldn’t have it any other way.

When it comes to search, social, and website marketing, our hands-on, high-touch approach is the only way that dealers can truly expand their reach to take giant chunks of their market as well as their competitors’ markets. We automate nothing. An extreme attention to detail tempered by a constant focus on the changing marketing environment can only be achieved through manual effort and strategic nimbleness. The larger vendors in this space are simply unable to keep up; at a certain point, it becomes impractical for them to stay cutting edge while trying to scale.

We don’t have that challenge.

If you’re an aggressive dealer that would settle for nothing less than a company that is available 24/7, that lives on the bleeding edge of digital marketing technologies to bring you the cutting edge strategies when they happen, and that understands that success is earned by those who put in the effort, then we should talk.