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The rules of the game have changed… again. Just when an automotive SEO company believes that they have the system figured out, Google and Bing go and change it all over again. This is a good thing for dealers who have the right automotive SEO partner.

At Dealer Authority, we embrace change. We desire it. Every time the system changes, we’re able to stay that much further ahead of the competition. Search engine optimization is a game of power tempered by the nimble style required by Google and Bing to turn on a dime when necessary. That’s the difference between our agency and others in the automotive industry. We have the resources to optimize our clients the right way while keeping an eye looking ahead to the changes that are always coming our way.

Here is a breakdown of our SEO philosophy:

Proper automotive SEO can be broken down into three major components:

  1. The best content possible – This isn’t a bulk game. More is no longer better in the eyes of the search engines. It’s all about quality and having manually authored content that brings value to your visitors is the key to making the phrase “content is king” a reality. If your SEO vendor or website provider is using automated, scraped, or spun content, you’re not getting properly optimized.
  2. Properly earned inbound links - Inbound links have played a major role in the world of search engine optimization for some time, but thanks to the two major and half a dozen minor Google Penguin updates over the last two years, the game is much harder than it used to be. Just like with content, quality trumps quantity by a large margin.
  3. Social signals that mean something - Since December, 2010, Google has acknowledged that social media actions play a role in their algorithm. Bing feels the same way. Today, it’s very much like the wild west when it comes to social signals, but that’s not going to last forever. Just as we appropriately anticipated the rise of inbound link quality over quantity, we are prepared for the same thing to happen to social signals sometime before the end of the year.

If you are ready to experience what truly high-quality, white hat automotive SEO can deliver for your dealership, contact us right now.

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