Most car dealers accept the bulk digital marketing services because they’re safe, simple, and keep them at the same pace as their competitors. For the aggressive car dealers, there’s Dealer Authority.

Our philosophies are pretty simple. We want to deliver the highest possible level of exposure for our clients online. That means we are focused on three components of digital marketing tied together with a common goal: they deliver more sales.

We handle automotive social media, search engine marketing, and vehicle details page advertising. That’s it. Car dealers that master these three disciplines win. That’s all there is to it.

We live on the bleeding edge of digital marketing, allowing us to bring the cutting edge to our dealers. No bulk practices. No automated marketing. Pure results. Aggressive dealers demand more from their marketing providers. They need Dealer Authority.


Results Driven Model
No long-term contracts. No setup fees. Either we deliver unquestionable results or you let us go. We’re confident that it will be the former rather than the latter.
Accelerated Impact
Time is not an option. You need results in days or weeks, not months or years. Our services are designed to produce real ROI quickly.
Defined Targets
Ambiguity is not an option. With Dealer Authority, you will help define your success factors and set the goals that we are to meet (or exceed).
Constant Improvement
Digital marketing changes all the time. We stay on top of the changes and adjust strategies with a nimbleness you won’t find from bulk vendors.


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We live on the bleeding edge so we can bring our clients the cutting edge strategies in automotive social, search, and content marketing. Find out if we're a fit for YOU.