Octane is a strategy not a solution.

What is Octane?

Dealers are tired of buying new marketing¬†solutions that don’t have the same look or messaging. Dealer Authority works with dealerships to develop a cohesive marketing strategy that gives the consumers a compelling and consistent “why buy” message for your dealership.

This is what we love to do.



Have your vendors set goals with you? Seriously, think about it. Dealer Authority works towards goals we set together.


Goals are worthless if your vendors aren't able to meet them. Being month-to-month means we ALWAYS have to get results.


While most of the industry is talking about everything other than opportunities, we're going directly after them.


How do we do all of this? We amaze your potential customers. Let us show you how we do it.

Beyond automotive digital marketing.

The Vision


No size fits all. In fact, only one size fits your dealership or group.


It's not just about what works today. We anticipate what will work tomorrow.


We don't just want to get attention. We want to make an impact... with buyers.


We have brand/area exclusivity. Lock us in and lock the competition out.

What They Say

We have a few tips for you.

The Blog

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