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Our goal is simple and unified with yours. We want to get more car shoppers to your website to find their next vehicle. We do this through advanced search, social, and inventory marketing.

Laser focus. Cutting edge strategies. Dedicated to results.

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Social Media that Drives Car Buyers

There are so many options for social media marketing that do nothing to help you sell cars. Avoid those ones. Choose a solution that uses buyer-targeting data to drive traffic to your website where the real action can happen.

Amazing Automotive Social Media

Exclusive Automotive SEO

Only one dealer can rank #1 for any given search result. That’s why we only work with one per metro per brand. Don’t share your SEO provider with others. It’s okay. You can be greedy.

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Automotive Focus

We don’t dabble in other industries. We work with car dealers. That’s it.

No Contracts

We deliver results. If we don’t, you can fire us any time.

Constantly Improving

Say no to “set it and forget it”. Our team acts on your behalf non-stop.

Completely Custom

We don’t have “packages” because we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all.

No Setup Fees

Some vendors like to charge setup fees. We don’t.

Transparent Results

There is no question that our services are working. You’ll see very clearly.

Let us build a custom digital marketing solution for you.

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A Nimble Automotive Marketing Strategy

If you are looking for a one-size-fits-all marketing plan that is used by hundreds or thousands of dealers and that delivers the same results to everyone, we’re not a good fit for you. If you’re wanting to be aggressive, to take full advantage of the vulnerabilities that your competitors are leaving wide open, take a moment to find out why nimble is the strongest play in our industry.


Our strategies are not for the faint of heart. We go on the offensive and we don’t stop. Ever. You will be dominant in your market. Then, we’ll go after other markets.


The ever-changing worlds of search, social, and content marketing in the automotive industry demand the use of strategies that are proactive and that can react quickly.


Potency is a measure of pressure and quantity. We use the strongest strategies for our clients and we apply them in a measure that is constantly improving results.

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Social Media Drives Sales

Social Drives Sales

It’s more than a branding tool. It isn’t just for communicating. When the right targeting is applied, social media can be a direct sales driver.

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Exclusive Automotive SEO

SEO Should Be Exclusive

How can a vendor do SEO for more than one dealership of the same brand in the same market area? The answer is, “they can’t.” At least they shouldn’t. We don’t.

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Dealer Authority “Intangibles”

Partnering with Dealer Authority is more than just hiring a content marketing firm. We go beyond what most call “partnering” with our clients in that we are constantly expanding our knowledge and sharing best practices. We want to be the truly trusted partner you’ve always wanted.

Knowledge of Vendors

Knowledge of Vendors

Our experience working at other companies combined with relationships we’ve built give us understanding that can help our clients. More importantly, we are constantly researching to find “best in class” services to recommend.

In Touch with the Industry

In Touch with the Industry

Most on our team have worked on the retail side of the car business. That in-store experience gives us insights that can only be achieved through hands-on application. It takes car people to help dealers succeed.

Taking Cues from Outside

Taking Cues from Outside

Though our focus and experience are all automotive-related, we know that our world does not exist in a bubble. By looking to other industries for insights, we can adjust those strategies to apply to our dealer clients’ needs.

Consultative Relationship

Consultative Relationship

Anyone can say, “here’s what we’ve got.” At Dealer Authority, we believe in first asking, “what do you need?” With no preset packages, we consult first in order to construct a custom package for each dealership.

Bleeding Edge Existence

Bleeding Edge Existence

There are two different angles from which we improve our services to clients. On one hand, part of our team lives on the bleeding edge of technology. They exist on the bleeding edge in order to bring the cutting edge to our clients.

Constant Testing

Constant Testing

Search, social, and content marketing are not static. Their constant state of flux means that a part of our team is in a constant state of testing. By staying on top of changes, we improve our services and enhance results.

Small Town Social Media

One of the biggest myths in automotive social media is that you must be in a big city for it to be effective. In this keynote speech at the Regenerate Technology Conference of 2013, Dealer Authority co-founder JD Rucker discusses why this myth is easy to bust.

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Predicting SEO Changes

Staying ahead of the search engines is hard. In this video, JD Rucker discusses the changes that happened to Google in 2012 and 2013. This video was recorded in 2011 at the Driving Sales Executive Summit way ahead of everyone else.

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Our Executive Team

Tyson Madliger, Subi Ghosh, and JD Rucker are here to work hard with our incredible staff of talented automotive marketing professionals to make your dealership as successful as possible. We’re not the right team for everyone. Aggressive dealers wanted.

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