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Dealer Authority is a team of experienced automotive professionals with a passion for helping dealerships sell more cars.  We understand dealerships need to differentiate themselves online from the competition to get an opportunity in the showroom. Dealer Authority works with dealerships to develop a cohesive marketing strategy with a compelling and consistent message that stands out from the competition.

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We understand every dealership is unique. Our content and advertising is always unique to your dealership.



We don't just want to get attention. We want to make an impact with buyers.



It's not just about works today. We anticipate what will work tomorrow.



We offer exclusivity to our clients. Lock us in and lock out your competition.

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How to Diffuse a Troll Without Losing Your Sh!#

“You’re dealership is complete crap, your all lyars and theeves.” This is something we all deal with on social media. It affects our professional and personal online lives: INTERNET ...